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Larkspur Landing Optometry

Founded in 1997 by Dr. Gina Day, Larkspur Landing Optometry (LLO) is a full service optometry office serving the Marin County and surrounding areas. We provide annual eye care exams, contact lens services, treatment of eye diseases and vision therapy. We also have a large selection of optical frames with the most current brands and styles available for our patients.

Why 20/20 Isn‘t Good Enough in the Classroom

Many individuals with vision-related learning problems have 20/20 distance eyesight, but have great difficulty with reading. Most screenings test just the sharpness of distance eyesight, so many vision problems that affect learning go undetected.

Eyestrain from inefficient eye movements, poor focusing , or lack of binocular fusion can make it a struggle to read and interferes with comprehension. Many people, especially children, often don’t complain about vision problems because they may not know what clear, comfortable vision looks or feels like. Read More

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